I became a Born Again Christian on October 31, 1993.

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I host a podcast called GOSPILLED that is on most podcasting platforms on most days. My audio podcast is available to all for free with an option to support my work. Supporters, in order to access “paid” content on Substack you must log in with your registered email address and then Substack will send you a link for access.

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I created and follow a one year Bible reading plan that I cover in each episode along with current events and news.

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I wrote a book entitled, “A Soldier’s Progress” which covers my journey of faith with Christ throughout my 22 years of service in the Army.

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If you want to be a part of this Kingdom mission and support this work, the best way is to subscribe for .99, 4.99, or 9.99 a month and for 12.77 a month or 144 a year here on Substack which includes the audio and pdf format of my book.

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Non-Tax deductible cash donations are also accepted. Due to the grift nature of commercial Christianity, you will rarely hear me speak of monetary support although it is appreciated. If God wants you to partner with this work He will speak to you, with no grift-a-thon required from me. Reply to subscription emails for Zelle and Snail Mail details.


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All are welcome to get these business cards made wherever you like to pass them out to whomever and wherever the LORD leads you to do so.

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