Mar 13 • 40M

Bank Crisis #72

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Psalm 72 | John 4 | Exodus 22 | Job 39

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Great Depression?
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Remember when the darkness comes,

Thick Darkness
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Jurgen Klopp @Klopp replied on Gab,

Jesus is the author and giver of life. His water keeps us from ever thirsting. Without it, we would all be wretched souls.

Money is what fuels the way of the world & a petrodollar based, fractional reserve system is what the world is built upon. Not the word of its Creator.

This world banking system is one, massive, extraordinarily levered, hedge fund. To keep feeding the beast, that which makes the system unsustainable must keep flowing, and this is why it ultimately consumes nations & people, as slaves. It roams the world for new slaves, until it reaches an inflection point where there aren't enough new slaves to keep feeding the beast. Its thirst is never quenched.

At some time in upcoming years, perhaps sooner, the system will evaporate....virtually over night. The petrodollar system (i.e., deep state, cabal, illuminati, whatever you wish to call it) has been broken & it cannot be reconstructed in its current form.

The great reset, as the satanists like to say, is in play; it just isn't what they envisioned. For what was intended for evil, God will use to make anew.

Praise Him who, in His mercy, left us the record of His life & word, so that we may live.

To God be the glory, forever and ever.


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